Stuffed Mediterranean Pepper

Easyto Grill

Stuffed Mediterranean pepper
with couscous

Main dish:
serves 4

an open BBQ at low to medium heat or a closed BBQ at a temperature of 200 °C

2 red Lamuyo peppers
sachet of herbs Provencal
sachet of sea salt

500 g couscous


First see which sides of the Lamuyo peppers are flattest, so they won’t tip over once you have cut them in half and filled them. Cut the red Lamuyo peppers in half lengthwise. Remove the seeds and septums.

Place the pepper halves in aluminium trays (there are 2 trays), open side up. Fill each of the four halves with equal amounts of couscous, then sprinkle with the herbs and salt. Fill each half with water until the couscous is completely covered with water.

Place the aluminium trays, with the stuffed red Lamuyo peppers, on the grill and roast over a medium heat for 15 minutes.



The couscous is even more delightful when mixed with finely diced herbs and a knob of creamy butter.

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