Easyto Grill

Tasty grilling with vegetables and fruits. So easy!

With the Easyto Grill package you make the most delicious grilled dishes in a twist. Fast, easy and deliciously fresh.

What do you think of surprising veggies kewers of cauliflower florets and broccoli florets with masala herbs? Or a slightly roasted sweet pepper, filled with couscous and herbs Provencal?

The recipes are created by one of the best vegetable chefs of The Netherlands.The ideal combination of vegetables and fruit and specially selected herbs gives you a surprising tasting experience of grilled vegetables. Herewith you put a suprising taste combination of grilled fruit and vegetables on the table.

Try one of the 6 varieties yourself!

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes  Grilled banana with chocolate  Stuffed Mediterranean pepper 
Veggie Skewers  Veggie skewers with masala herbs Spicy roasted pineapple & mango