Grilled Veggie Skewers

Easyto Grill

Grilled veggie skewers

Side dish:
serves 4; 2 skewers per person

an open BBQ at medium heat or a closed BBQ at a temperature of 220 °C

1 graffiti aubergine
1 green courgette
1 red Lamuyo pepper
sachet of cumin seeds
dosette of olive oil
8 wooden sticks

pepper and sea salt


First, cut the Lamuyo pepper into 4 large slices lengthwise; remove the seeds and septums. Then, cut the aubergine and courgette into slices lengthwise to equal the thickness of the pepper slices.

Drizzle all of the vegetable slices with oil and then sprinkle with cumin seeds. Grill each side of the slices for 2 minutes, then season with a little pepper and sea salt.

Create two stacks of layered slices, starting and ending with a slice of pepper. Slide four skewers through each stack, then slice the stacks down the middle, between the skewers.



These make a healthy, scrumptious snack or side dish with fish.

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